Resurrection Happens Everyday!

Reflection for Easter Sunday

April 5th 2015

Acts 10:34-43

Corinthians 15:1-11

John 20:1-18 or Mark 16:1-8

By Roland Legge

Let’s imagine what it must have been like for the disciples on that first Easter morning. It was bad enough they had lost a good friend. But they had lost much more than that.  The hope that Jesus gave them for a better world was dead now too. I expect you would be feeling down, depressed, angry and sad in their situation.

When have you felt despair?  Remember the times in you life when you felt little hope.  Sometimes we need something dramatic to happen to wake us up into seeing that God has something better planned for us.   This is what happened for Jesus followers on Easter Sunday long ago.

God broke through this hopelessness and despair through the disciple’s encounters with the risen Jesus.  Resurrection came real when the disciples new for sure in their hearts that what Jesus had stood up for, was not dead.  It was resurrection when they could feel the spirit of Jesus alive in their hearts.

No one will ever know exactly what happened, other than something amazing and awesome took place.  Jesus disciples were blessed with experiencing the presence in such a powerful way they could no longer stay in their depression.  They could no longer over look the truth that God had great plans for them.  These were Holy plans to keep on with the journey of faith that Jesus came to begin.

This was truly an amazing event.  But I think we need to be clear that this was not resuscitation, but a resurrection.  What is the difference?  A good example of resuscitation would be the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead.  But Jesus story is different.  Remember how the disciples at first did not recognize Jesus when they met because he was changed.  It took Mary to hear his voice before she new who he was.  This was a spiritual body that while real looking to the disciples was not a mortal body.  Jesus could walk through doors.  One moment he would be there the next he wouldn’t.

I believe in the resurrection of Jesus.  Why?  I do because I have experienced resurrection many times.  For me resurrection happens when a person or community finds new life despite the difficult struggles they are facing.  I found new life after a very difficult first marriage.  I found new life when I decided to give up a career in Accounting which led me to discovering that I had a call to ministry.  I experience resurrection when I overcome a physical, emotional or spiritual issue with the aid of tools like the Enneagram.  I feel resurrection when I discover I am able to do something like Ballroom dancing that I once didn’t think I was capable of doing.

Also, I hear countless stories of resurrection when ever I visit and provide pastoral care.  We all have our times in life when it feels very bleak.  Resurrection takes place when we are able to move on in hope despite the struggles we are facing.  I can remember a family I worked with that faced such adversity.  First the Mom of the family fought cancer and died.  She left her loving husband, two children and mother-in-law.  Then the Mom of the daughter who had died also succumbed to cancer not many years later.  She had been caring for the children while their Mom was sick and then later supported her son by helping to raise the young children. You would think for the father and his children there wouldn’t be any hope left.  Yet this family held strongly together.  There was an amazing love between them that propelled them to new life, resurrection.

Resurrection comes alive in our natural divine nature to shine no matter what the world throws at us.  One of my favorite authors is Anne Lamott who through her books tells of all the ups and downs of her life.  She tells of how God keeps breaking through into our life leading her from resurrection to resurrection.  I want to leave you with a short quote from her in her book “Traveling Mercies”.  I will set the scene. She is going to be a single mother. She tells this to her congregation when she is seven months pregnant.  I sense this must have taken some courage for her to announce this at her church, St. Andrews in Oakland California.  One can never know how others will react.  But she was blessed:

When I announced during worship, that I was pregnant, people cheered.  All these old people, raised in Bible-thumping homes in the Deep South, clapped.  Even the women whose grown-up boys had been doing time in the jails or prisons rejoiced for me.  And then almost immediately they set about providing for us.  They brought clothes, they brought me casseroles to keep in the freezer, they brought me assurance that this baby was going to be a part of the family.  And they began slipping me money.

Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott Anchor Books 1999 Toronto, New York page 101

This was resurrection for Anne because she now new for sure that  she and her son Sam could count on their St. Andrews family to journey through all the ups and downs of life with them.

I invite you to begin naming your resurrection experiences in life.  I invite you to reflect on what gives you hope.  I ask you to make everyday a celebration of Easter because God is always working God’s love in our lives and world.

Van Deusen Botanical Gardens Vancouver B.C. August 2012 (5)

The Gift of Resurrection

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Easter – April 24, 2011

By Roland Legge

Based on Matthew 28:1–10


Easter is probably one of the most earth shattering experiences humankind has experienced.  Whether we believe the resurrection to be metaphor or actual fact, millions of people’s lives have been changed.   No one can deny this reality if they have eyes to see and ears to hear.


Easter becomes real, when we the people of God, live out God’s commandment to love self, neighbour and God.  Every act coming out of love, hope, a hunger for peace, and a hunger for justice are like mini resurrections in themselves.  Each act no matter how small or big says no to our death focussed culture and yes to life abundant.


We don’t know a lot about what happened at Jesus resurrection.  No one saw it.  But we know the tomb was empty and Mary Magdalene found new life and hope after experiencing Jesus. It touched her so deeply that she had the courage to tell the male disciples that he indeed had risen.  Neither do we know a lot about Mary Magdalene.


What we do know that Mary was likely the leader of a group of women who followed Jesus.  Some believed that Mary was a prostitute even though there is no evidence of that in the Bible.  It seems to some theologians Mary was among a group of independent women who provided resources for Jesus ministry.  These were women who chose to share their financial wealth and property with Jesus and his movement. What is important is that Mary and these other women were living out a diaconal ministry of service as equals with the male disciples.


But the miracle is that upon Jesus death and resurrection on the cross these women became the prime movers of this new Jesus movement which finally claimed the ministry they had been called to after Jesus death and resurrection.  They were more than followers of Jesus.  They had taken on this ministry themselves.  They finally understood what Jesus had been telling them that they have all they need and more to live out their calling from God.


To be a resurrection people is not easy.  Jesus and his followers know this only too well.  In the resurrection the spiral of life radiates out love as shown to us by Jesus.  When the love of Christ is let loose there is nothing that can stop it.  However, this life affirming way of living challenges and conflicts with our culture which led to Jesus death by the Empire of his day.


It is sad to think how much time and effort goes in trying to snuff out God’s vision for the abundant life by the powerful in our world.  Some people have so much to lose in wealth and power.  They are too scared to change their way of life and to risk losing control of their kingdom.   It is easy for them and for us to justify to God our comforts of life.  Of course, we say, we deserve them.  But do we really deserve them more than anyone else?


We all have had resurrection experiences.  What have been the times in your life when an experience, feeling, emotion, relationship, connection with another person suddenly helped you to discover hope, new ways of being, courage or whatever you needed to overcome an obstacle you were facing in life.   Diana Butler Bass shares a story how her congregation, Epiphany in Washington D.C. and a homeless woman found power in the resurrection:

There is a woman in my church in Washington, D.C., who was homeless for 15 years. Several years ago, she came to Epiphany Church and was welcomed by the congregation’s ministry to homeless people. “It was the first time,” she told me, “that I came into a church and no one looked at me as if I was going to steal something.” Epiphany’s people respected her humanity, fed her, listened to her, and helped her – all in the name and power of Jesus. Eventually, she moved off the street into Section 8 housing, secured both work and support, and pulled her life together. An active member of Epiphany, she helps run the homeless ministry, serves as a Sunday reader, and usher.

This article is reprinted from Godspolitics on Diana Butler Bass ( was the author of Christianity for the Rest of Us: How the Neighborhood Church is Transforming the Faith (Harper San Francisco) when this article appeared. This was found at . 

It is good news that resurrection is still happening today.  I say AMEM to that!   How is it happening at Foam Lake United Church?


A few years ago I saw a film on PBS called Unlisted: A story of Schizophrenia.  


This is a moving first person account of a woman’s troubled relationship with her father and his mental illness. Physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston, whose own father, Richard Ruston, has paranoid schizophrenia and at times lived on the street, takes viewers along on a deeply personal journey to reconnect with her estranged father.


I experienced moments of resurrection in this story when film maker Delaney Ruston has moments of deep connection, sacred time, with her father and experiences her father as grandfather for her son.  There is a shot of her, her Dad and her son walking together just enjoying being together something she had craved so much as a child. She feels the pain of missed times with him.  Especially as a young girl when she needed a stable relationship with her father.  She starts to see the beauty of his sole through their open sharing. While this is all painful, it helps her to release years of pent up sadness and hurt that has burdened her life. Out of her courage to re-claim her relationship with her father she experiences moments of resurrection that helps her to live her life more fully.


I have had moments of resurrection throughout my life.  They often happen in small ways when I am at home with Jen, talking with a friend on the phone, keeping connected to family.  When I was on the Central Committee for the Centre for Christian Studies in Winnipeg, I felt a strong presence of the Spirit among the Council, staff and students.  It is hard to describe other than a deep sense of hope despite all the challenges theological schools are facing in Canada.   I say AMEN to that!


How do we live out the Easter story each day?  Imagine the transformation that could happen in our country if all Canadians, including our politicians, focussed on living compassionate lives.  Stories of resurrection would multiply as the compassion of the few turned into the compassion of the many. I challenge each of us to bring our life affirming values to all we do in life. Each time we do this will be a small but powerful act of resurrection.




Called to Abundance






Sermon – March 30th 2014

Lent IV (Year A)

By Roland Legge

1 Samuel 16:1-13:

Ephesians 5:8-14:

John 9:1-41:



Imagine a stranger joins us for church one Sunday and announces to us that he has been called by God to search for the right people to bring Abundant Life to the people of Foam Lake.  He tells us that the Spirit has led him to this church and knows that the people here have all it takes to bring hope, love and justice to this town.


What would our reaction be?  I am guessing that many of us would be both intrigued and a little uncomfortable.  We would think he was in the wrong place. We would be uncomfortable because we do not believe that we have what it will take to transform our community into the Kin-dom of God.  We are too realistic to think we could make much of a difference.


But the stranger goes on to name our many gifts. The stranger reminds us that we have people who are talented in hospitality, cooking, carpentry, teaching, singing, playing musical instruments, plumbing, drama, caring for animals, farming, listening, the arts and much, much more…..


When we reflect on it, we realize that God has given us everything we need to bring in the Kin-dom of God.  God has given us all the Love we need to shine Light on all that is hurting in our world.  This divine gifts gives us the ability to see through the eyes of God so we can bring healing wherever there is brokenness.  The world will never look the same again.


This new radical perspective we have gained will be welcomed by many, but will be a threat to those who benefit from the status-quo.  There will be many Pharisee types out there who will try to convince us that we have no right to live out the Great Commandments because we will be breaking a lot of rules that have been put in place to keep the power in the hands of a few people. Here is the story of young girl who is given new sight, some of it that came to her before she could physically see again.


Fourteen year old Lisa Reid is from New Zealand.  She had a cancerous brain tumour caused her a lot of trouble such as headaches, vomiting and a loss of coordination.   The only way to resolve this was to have an operation.  Sadly this left her blind because her optic nerves were damaged.  This didn’t stop Lisa from living fully.  She felt called to help other children with cancer.  She participated in television shows and documentaries that were seen all across New Zealand.  She raised money for the organization that trained her seeing-eye dog, Amy.  Lisa found her calling and was transforming her country.  Then something surprising and shocking happened.


Ten years after her sight was taken away she fell and hit her head on the coffee table and floor.  To her shock and delight when she got up the next morning she was able to see.  Her doctors were skeptical. This shouldn’t have happened!  They tried to explain it away by suggesting that her problem was more psychological than physical.  She didn’t worry about what the doctors said.  What did matter was that once she was blind and now she could see.

Faith Lens for March 30th 2014:


Was this a miracle?  I would say it was.  She had an experience similar to that of the blind beggar that Jesus healed in the Gospel according to John.  Both of them didn’t waste their time trying to explain it. Why? Because everything looked different!  “They were once blind but now they could see.” God had shown them what the world could really be like.  A world where everyone will have enough!  A world where everyone will be loved.  They could no longer resist their call from God to heal that which was broken.


Have you experienced a miracle?  I think we all experience miracles even though they may not be as spectacular as Lisa and blind beggar’s experience.  We have a miracle going on right now in Foam Lake United Church if only we could see it.  Sometimes we can become blind to what God is calling us to live out.  We get so caught up in our day to day life that we forget what God has intended for us.  Our hearts get hardened by the fear we hold on to each day.  But Jesus really does have Good News for us!


The miracle is that we have everything we need to live out our faith.  We have no excuses!  Sometimes our unwillingness to grieve what has happened in the past blocks our growth.  We get stuck in our unwillingness to admit the world has changed.


I know what this is like because throughout my life I have been partly blind to what the Spirit intends for me.  I got so caught up in my need for security, I built walls around myself which prevented me from taking risks. For example, I have missed out so much in life because I was not willing to risk spending some of my inheritance because of the fear of not having enough money to retire on.  I was afraid of trying anything new because of a fear of failing.  I needed to learn to renew my trust with the living God.  I needed to let go of a lot of garbage in my life.  This still required my grieving, letting go of old and comfortable ways of thinking.


We can easily get caught up in our grief that the church and the world is not like it was twenty years ago.  Instead of focussing on the here and future we hold onto what we think was the glorious past.  We need to let go of our past.   It was perfect for the time.  But we can never repeat what happened in the past.  We never could repeat the past and it is becoming more and more impossible because of the incredible change in our world.


Spirit is calling upon us to release our fear of change.  Don’t despair, God is just as active today as she was long ago.  God is longing is to live through each of us practising the Great Commandments to love self, neighbour and God. There is hope for our Foam Lake United Church!  There is hope for our country!  There is hope for the world.


Where do you see the love of Jesus in our community?  I see it in

  • The sharing of music
  • The love of children
  • Enjoying the company of each other
  • Singing
  • Laughter
  • Public worship
  • Table Fellowship: Pot Lucks
  • The marking of the major events in our lives
  • Helping those in need
  • The wonder of play
  • Prayer
  • Acts of social justice
  • Studying the Scripture
  • Supporting our foster child
  • Supporting the ministries of the wider church through Mission and Service


I challenge each of us to see our church and community through the eyes of Jesus.  When we can see with holy wisdom our fear is taken away; we become energized to do God’s work.  What we must do becomes so clear.  Once what we thought impossible becomes a reality.