Awesome Stress-busting tips for all nine Enneagram Types

The Enneagram is a psychological, spiritual map for personal growth.  The Enneagram helps you to make a conscious change in your life.  As you become self-aware of your behaviour and mindset, you can make better choices.

The Enneagram will point out where you are most likely to get stuck and give you choices that are more in harmony with your needs.  It will help you recognize unconscious behaviour allowing you to respond in new and healthier ways.

The Enneagram tackles stress.  One popular teaching from Russ Hudson and Don Riso talks about how stress affects our behaviour.  Each Enneagram type disintegrates under pressure and shows up in the most dysfunctional behaviour of another type. This dynamic will help you understand why you behave differently under stress.

Stress can affect us at any time, whether you are in heavy traffic, starting a new job or waiting for the results of a test from your doctor.  When you get stuck in stress, it pushes your natural personality to its limit and takes on some of the unhealthy behaviours of another type.  At times like this, you do not feel like yourself.


How does this show up in the nine types?

Enneagram Type One: The Reformer

One’s get stressed when they are not able to live up to their high expectations.  They are blinded by their own need to get it right, making it difficult to see merit in anyone else’s ideas.   

Under stress, One’s move toward the unhealthy side of Type Four. 

When One’s are not able to meet their expectations, they become hard on themselves.  As they become harder on themselves, they get harder on friends, colleagues and family.

They turn their anger on themselves, becoming depressed, lose trust in themselves and feel unloved.

They hunger for what they don’t have and are not hopeful about ever getting it.

How can you beat stress?

·         Take time to enjoy an evening out with a friend

·         Be gentle with yourself when you don’t feel like you did the job correctly.

·         Watch or read something funny

·         Find activities that make you happy.

·         Take breaks throughout the day to re-charge your batteries.

·         Take time to relax every day.

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Enneagram Type Two: The Helper

Two’s get stressed when they do not feel loved.  The more unloved the Two feels, the more desperate they are to manipulate others into loving them.  They erroneously believe that they must earn the love of others.

Under stress, the Two moves to the unhealthy side of Type Eight.  They stop being kind. They intimidate anyone who they perceive to be in their way.

They become hardened, distrustful, isolated and make demands. They like to control others, trying to take control of everything and everyone.

How can you beat stress?

·         Cook a delicious healthy supper for yourself

·         Go for a massage to show yourself some love

·         Say no to a friend who wants you to help them on a night you are feeling exhausted

·         Try art or music therapy

·         Buy some new clothes for yourself

·         Take part in a sport or exercise program to honour your body

Enneagram Type Three: The Achiever

Three’s get stressed when they do not feel successful or seen as the best in their field. Under stress, they will morph themselves into the person who they think will make them successful. The more they deviate from their true selves, the less effective and successful they will be.

Under stress, the Three moves towards the unhealthy side of type Nine. They have a hard time making decisions. They become apathetic and indecisive.

They are passive-aggressive, having a sudden burst of anger when they deny their true self’s needs for too long.

They tend to numb themselves out with work, food, alcohol, and drugs. The more stressed they get, the less productive they are.

How can you beat stress?

·         Take an afternoon nap

·         Do something for fun that has nothing to do with work

·         Take no work home from you

·         Read a good book that has nothing to do with work

·         Volunteer for an organization that does work you are passionate about

·         Adopt a pet or buy a plant that requires you to slow down and take care of it.

Enneagram 3.jpg

Enneagram Type Four: The Individualist

Four’s get stressed when they feel that no one understands them. Four’s experience dark moods of emptiness and despair and feel guilty when they disappoint other people.

The more stressed they get, the more they desire what they do not have. Also, Four’s have a hard time appreciating what they already have.

At times they feel shame, believing they are not worthy of love. They quickly get stuck in resentments spiralling them into dark moods.

Under stress Four’s move to the unhealthy side of Type Two. They try to manipulate others into loving them.

They love to get stuck in melancholy because it reminds them they are alive even though it is sucking the life out of them.

They become overly dependent and deny their own needs.

How can you beat stress?

·         Create something beautiful

·         Write a daily gratitude journal

·         Go out with a friend who knows you are awesome

·         Watch or read something that touches your funny bone

·         Share your story through creative writing

·         Go and enjoy the beautiful outdoors

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Enneagram Type Five: The Investigator

Type Five’s feel stressed when someone asks them a question they fear will make them look stupid.

As type five’s get caught in stress, they evacuate into their imaginary world to survive.

It is easy for them to forget they have bodies that need looking after.

They feel most satisfied when immersed in their area of expertise. Five’s wants to learn everything there is to know on the topic.

They hate going to parties and usually sit in a corner observing from a distance, not wasting time on a conversation that seems irrelevant.

Under stress, type fives move to the unhealthy side of Type Seven. They take on more projects than they can handle.  They double-book themselves because they don’t want to miss out on anything exciting.

They have a hard time finishing projects they begin. Five’s get bored quickly, becoming scattered and distracted.

How can you beat stress?

·         Make time for physical exercise

·         Make yourself healthy delicious meals

·         Call a best friend

·         Meditate to quiet your mind

·         Practice Yoga

·         Journal to notice what is going on in your heart and body

Enneagram Type Six: The Loyalist

Sixes feel stressed when they are feeling unsure of themselves. As they get more insecure, they start doubting their internal wisdom.

They start to see danger where there is no danger. Sixe’s try to prepare for all possible outcomes, often focusing on the worst possible scenario. 

They seek the advice of as many people as possible, often ignoring suggestions they don’t like

They are always looking for affirmation to help them know they are okay.

As Type Sixes get caught in stress, they move to the unhealthy side of Type Three. They overwork to avoid feelings of anxiety.

They are reluctant to try anything new out of the fear of failing, preferring the devil they know to the devil they do not know.

They will take on a role or image to help them feel secure such as a teacher, lawyer, minister, or parent.

How can you beat stress?

·         Meditate to quiet your mind

·         Exercise to help you connect with your body

·         Keep a journal detailing your innermost thoughts

·         Do something that is outside your comfort zone

·         Openly express your needs to the one you love

·         Hang out with people who radiate positive energy

Enneagram Type Seven the Enthusiast:

Sevens feel stressed when they start to feel their inner pain. They will do anything they can to avoid uncomfortable feelings.

Sevens tend to be ungrounded, getting stuck in plans or fantasies.  They have a hard time finishing projects they start because they are easily bored.

They have a hard time staying in long term committed relationships because they are always looking for something more exciting.

Seven’s never feeling they have enough time to do everything they want. Seven’s try to pack so much inn they often double-book themselves

As Type Seven’s get caught up in stress, they move to Type One’s unhealthy side.  They become hard on themselves for not getting it right.

As they get harder on themselves, they get increasingly critical of those they love. Seven’s like to blame others for preventing them from having fun.

Sevens tend to think they own the truth and are not open to hearing wisdom from others.

Under stress, they feel low-grade irritability most of the time. 

How can you beat stress?

·         Cut in half the number of activities you do every week

·         Take an afternoon nap

·         Say no to an invitation when you are feeling tired and need a break

·         Inspire others to find joy in their lives

·         Accept feelings; they will pass

·         Practice deep breathing to help you be with your emotional pain

Enneagram Type Eight the Challenger:

Eights feel stressed when they feel like someone is trying to block them from doing what is essential.

The more they get stressed, the more they protect their sensitive heart. As eight’s heart shuts down, he or she becomes more intimidating, making it hard for them to connect with others.

It can be challenging for the eight to have intimate relationships because they fear being vulnerable.

Eights are at risk for burnout when every aspect of their life becomes a battle for power.  The busier they get, the harder it is for them to slow down.

As Type Eights get caught up in stress, they move to the unhealthy side of Type Five.  They withdraw from the world to protect their hearts and become less in touch with their feelings.

They become paranoid, fearing others will turn against them.  When they feel guilty, they will often turn the aggression against themselves.

They easily feel defeated and depressed, making it difficult for them to face the world every day.

How can you beat stress?

·         Go for a massage to relax

·         Take an afternoon nap

·         Open up to a friend you trust

·         Focus on physical exercise to get you in touch with the wisdom of your body

·         Express your appreciation for others and do it often

·         Take out your anger in therapy

Enneagram Type Nine: The Peacemaker

Nines feel stressed when feeling judged and misunderstood. The more stressed they get, the more they criticize themselves.

They worry too much about what others think of them, always assuming the worst.

Nines are often overly sensitive to criticism taking any words or expressions too seriously.

When under stress, nine’s like to hide. Nine wrongly feel that they are insignificant.

They doubt themselves looking outside themselves for guidance, even though they often ignore the advice.

It is easy for them to get stuck in passivity, thinking they can hide from the rest of the world.

They become awfulizers focusing on the worst possible scenario that is unlikely going to happen. `

They become fearful of trying anything new.

How can you beat stress?

·         Express to friends and family what you need and desire

·         Let people know what you are thinking and feeling

·         Read a book on motivation

·         Take a long walk in nature

·         Go out with a best friend

·         Treat yourself to something special.

AdobeStock_86800025 (1).jpg

The Enneagram map for personal development can help you to make a change in your life. The more you can practice these stress-busting tips, the healthier you will be.

As you get healthier yourself, you can help others become increasingly grounded, present, and joyful.

I am Roland Legge, an Identity Coach here to help you to release your stress.  You can join my private newsletter list for Free Monthly Advice and access your Free Online Enneagram Test

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