A Lesson from Covid-19

This is the first post from an awesome young woman who lives with my wife and me. I invite you to check out her post and follow her.

Radiant Roshni

At four in the evening, I was scrolling through Facebook and suddenly a thought came to my mind that corona-virus is teaching us something important. The virus is providing great wisdom to understand human integrity.

 It took a virus to teach us how uncertain and precious our life is. The world became so busy as technology and materialistic things have taken the place of love and care. We started taking each other and mother nature for granted. We forgot to be kind, compassionate, polite, humble and especially loving and caring. We all became so selfish with our needs. We do not remember human goodness or the value of people in our life. We started loving things and using people.

This crisis is teaching us something we do not pay attention to, but it is vital to live. Nowadays, people must isolate, and they can not socialize with each other. They…

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