Type Eight the Most Misunderstood Enneagram Type

Type eights, also known as the challengers, know what they need to be doing in the world.  It is always urgent. It needs to be done today and not tomorrow.

You can feel their presence. It feels like a strong wind is always blowing around them.

Type eights challenge us to do the work that needs to be done whether that is overcoming poverty, cleaning up the environment, or whatever they are concerned about.


Powerful women Type 8 energy.jpg

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You may experience type eight people intimidating.  You might even be frightened of this type.  But do not let this deceive you.  Type eights have the biggest most sensitive heart of any kind.

What brought out this fierce independence?

The little type eight grew up feeling alone. The type eight couldn’t trust the adults in their life.  Feeling abandoned their ego made sure they did not have to depend on anyone else.

Whatever they needed in their life, they made sure they got it. Anyone who tried to get in their way would be emotionally, physically and mentally pushed away.

The type eight personality is a force to be taken seriously.  They are honest, upfront and in your face. You never have to guess what type eight is experiencing.

Over the years to protect themselves, the type eight has put up a protective shell around themselves.

Type eights are some of the most influential leaders in our world. If you are a type eight, nothing will stop you from fulfilling your mission.

You are strong, powerful, compassionate and kind.  You are willing to help anyone who you perceive as struggling in the world because of bad luck, racism, bigotry, and sexism.

You are not afraid to confront injustice.  You are not afraid to challenge people to see the errors of their ways.

You are brave, and there is nothing that will stop you from doing what you know to be right.

If you are a type eight, you will know that you never mean to be intimidating. You never hide your convictions. You can not help it.

If you are a type eight find people in your life whom you can trust. You will find joy when you can tear down the walls around you and open your heart.  Find a person who you can imagine being vulnerable with — people who you can share your fears and concerns.

If you are a friend of a type eight, help them to know you have their back.  Help them to know that you will do everything you can to support and encourage them on their life journey.  Help them to know you will always be honest with them. As a friend, this is the greatest gift you can give a type eight.


Type eights are at a higher risk for burn out.  If you are a type eight or a friend of type eight, encourage self-care. Make sure you take time to eat. Make sure you take time to sleep. Make sure you take time to relax.  Make sure you take the time to enjoy being with family and friends.

If you are a type eight remind yourself, you don’t need to do everything alone. Remember, when you are working with others it is essential to cooperate with others. You are not always going to get your way.

As a type eight, you need to remind yourself that other people in your life have great wisdom.  You will often benefit from following the suggestions of others.

If you are a type eight, you need to stay aware of your anger. It might be helpful to notice what are the signs in your body, mind and heart before you start to feel rage erupting in you.

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There is nothing wrong with anger. It is one of our emotions.  You need to be careful that you are not using it to push others away.

You need to watch out that you don’t use anger to keep you from dealing with your inner pain, fears and unresolved issues.

Your goal should be to use the powerful energy that comes from your anger in constructive ways that will make the world a better place.

 When you are angry, it is telling you that something isn’t right. Show curiosity when you are starting to feel anger. Find out what is not right in your life and world and use your energy to resolve the issue or at least begin the process.

How to get along with a type eight:

·         Be honest

·         If something is bothering, you let them know

·         Use clear language

·         Don’t’ play emotional games

·         Speak my truth

·         Supporting me when I express softer feelings and vulnerabilities


Strong powerful woman type eight energy.jpg

If you are a type eight, understand that the world needs your strengths.

You have a big heart.  You are a mover and a shaker. You will challenge injustice.  You will advocate for people pushed to the fringes of society.

You know deep within you what needs changing.  You don’t waste time.  You get into the work immediately.

You are honest and upfront.  You are trustworthy.  You are strong. You will do what needs doing.

You will go to great lengths to protect those you love.

Many won’t know how vulnerable you feel.  Few will know how sensitive your heart is.  But those close to you will know.

The world benefits from your strength, courage, hunger for justice and a big heart.  You are a powerful agent for social transformation. We are all better off for the love you bring to the world.

I am, Roland Legge, an Identity Coach here to help you understand the power of the Enneagram type eight personality type.  You can join my private newsletter list for Free Monthly Advice and you can sign up to access Your Free Online Enneagram Test.

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