How Healthy Leadership Affects Behaviour of the Entire Organization

Effective leadership makes a big difference in the success of any organization no matter how big or small.

You are an effective leader when you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You focus your energy on what you do best. You take responsibility for improving your skills through reading, being mentored and courses.

You do your best to bring out the best in each of your staff. You make sure your team gets the training needed. You make sure everyone in the organization feels encouraged and supported.

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Good leaders take full responsibility for their behaviour. You are not afraid to ask for help when you are feeling overwhelmed. You are aware of your limitations.   Healthy leaders focus their attention on the needs of the organization and especially the needs of staff who make it a success.

As effective leaders, you help to create a healthy environment where employees feel valued for what they bring to the organization.  You recognize that each person has something important to bring to the organization. You see diversity as a strength and encourage people to share their ideas. This style of leadership inspires creativity, teamwork and flexibility.

Healthy leaders walk their talk. You promote a healthy lifestyle in your organization by modelling the behaviours you seek to encourage amongst the staff. You only ask staff to do things that you would be willing to do yourself. This particular leadership style creates happy employees because they feel supported by their leaders.

Productive leaders are lifelong learners. You value the need to keep learning.  You focus on the development of new skills and ways of understanding that helps you and your team to be on the cutting edge of new ideas and organizational models

Good leaders see the benefit of conflict.  You can bring people together with opposing views and merge these ideas into something new that everyone can agree to follow. A comfort with conflict creates a lot of positive energy among employees.


Effective leaders can see the big picture. You can see the direction the company needs to move in.  You can pass on your excitement and vision to all members of the team. People love to work for companies like this.

Good leaders care about their employees. You recognize that your employees have lives outside of the organization. You show some flexibility when a staff member needs time to take their child or parent to an appointment.  You encourage staff to get their needs met.  Happy employees are productive.

Excellent leaders are great communicators.  You have an excellent grasp of the English language. You can explain tasks in clear, concise ways. You can listen with your ears, eyes, body and heart. Your body language, the tone of voice and facial expressions are congruent. Employees never have to guess what you are saying.

Strong leaders can give constructive criticism always helping the employees to improve their skills. You are honest. You are encouraging. You give people the opportunity to develop their skills. You recognize that every person learns in different ways.  You are determined to find out what works best for each person.

Effective leaders are not afraid to let an employee go when they are not able to carry out their job. You can fire them still leaving their dignity intact.  You know when one person is not able to do their job it impacts the whole company.

Good leaders know that they need to help each employee to see that they have an essential role in their organization.  They help employees to feel that they are part of a larger family.  You make sure that everyone is clear about the direction of the whole company.

As an active leader, you value the wisdom of each employee. You create channels of communication that encourages employees to make suggestions that can benefit the whole company. You make sure these people get credit for their ideas.

Amazing leaders listen carefully to the feedback from their customers.  Companies that look to the input of clients keep innovating to improve their customer service. They pass on this information to their staff giving employees the opportunity to contribute to the solution.

Responsible leaders are not only concerned with their bottom line; good leaders remain concerned for their employees, customers, the communities they work out of and the shareholders. In the end, companies that care about their employees, customers, and communities they are part of in the end make more money.

Remarkable leaders trust their employees. You are there for your employees when they need you. You set your employees free to do the best jobs they can.  You find the right balance between checking on their work and leaving them alone to do what they are paid to do.


Flexible leaders are most concerned that the job gets done promptly. You don’t worry if the employee does it a bit differently as long as he or she gets it done.

In our multi-cultural world, you remain sensitive to the peculiarities of each culture such as eye contact, language issues, clothing, religious holidays and food. The more you can be sympathetic with the needs of your employees the more comfortable you will be able to do this with your customers.

You help to create a work environment that is safe for everyone. You help each employee to buy into a set of values that your whole company seeks to live out each day. You create a plan that everyone is aware of to deal with prejudice, racism and abuses of power.

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Great leadership helps to bring out the best in your employees and correspondingly helps your team to offer excellent customer service.

Happy employees give their best. They are proud to be part of this great company.  Employees that are happy will stay longer.


Companies with healthy leaders draw excellent employees. You feel valued. You love coming to work.

Company’s that value healthy leaders have less sick days. They don’t keep having to hire new staff because people desire to stay with the company. The healthier people are, the more productive they are.

In the end, companies that nurture a healthy working environment with great leadership are usually very good with customer service. Companies that offer excellent customer service will be more profitable on a long-term basis.

Company with remarkable leadership is also most prepared for change.  Being open to change is so important in a technical world that changes day-to-day.

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Company with good leaders are flexible are open to finding talent in surprising places. They create opportunities for people, often ignored, because of family responsibility, gender, sexual orientation or disability, to excel. In doing this, you bring exceptional talent to your organization.

The key to being a success in our modern world is excellent leadership.  Great leaders inspire confidence, satisfaction and purpose in their employees and customers.

Great leadership emerges from people who are balanced, emotionally healthy, self-aware, curious and confident.

Leadership is what makes the difference between success and failure.


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Reprinted with permission of the author. Originally posted at REL Consultants


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