[Guest Post] Recovery Is Not Linear: Say It Again, And Again, And Again

Check out this excellent article from Jess. I think we can all relate to her story at some time in our lives.

Charlotte Underwood

Recovery is not linear.

We know this. As a community, we state it to ourselves and to each other over and over again- as often as it’s needed.

We know that we will face setbacks with our mental health. Bad days, bad weeks, meltdowns, major episodes…they’re almost inevitable.

We know that our mental illnesses will change over time, as we ourselves and our circumstances change.

We know that what helped us before might not help the next time. Triggers lose their power and new ones emerge.

We know all this. At least…we think we know it. Do we truly believe it, in our hearts- at the times we need to believe it the most?

An all-too-common experience

I thought that my mental health was getting so much better.

Things had been going so well recently. I could feel myself getting stronger and healthier and more resilient every day. I was…

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