The Most Attractive Trait Displayed During First Impression

Check out this article from Phicklephilly on attraction.


You arrive at the coffee shop early to meet your date. Positioned where you can see the front door, you spot him as soon as he walks in. You knew what he would look like, because you gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was not using his college photo in his online profile. Now comes the real test: The two of you are about to trade first impressions — which research shows will immediately define the course of your relationship.

We are all familiar with the power of first impressions and how hard they are to change. Research corroborates this reality, demonstrating how quickly impressions are made, and how we use our perception to separate the dangerous from the desirable. While photos are important, a first date is your opportunity to both look and listen, because one of the most alluring traits you can display on a…

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