How to Heal Mind, Body, Spirit When You Are Feeling Lost and Alone

You are feeling lost and alone. It is a hard place to be. No matter how many people try to help you nothing seems to make a difference.

You are tired of feeling down in the dumps. You want to change, but don’t know how. The good news is that there is a way out of this lethargy.

If you are severely depressed, you need to get the help you need. I mean that it has become difficult for you to get out of bed, hard to do your job and you are isolating yourself. You probably need professional psychological help.

It has taken you a long time to get into this place of despair. It will take time and commitment to get out of it.  Are you ready?  Let’s go.

An excellent place to start is with your mind.  Your mind is probably out of control with negative, demeaning thoughts about yourself and others.  Your mind is so consumed with your internal chatter that it has trouble connecting with your better self.


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Find a tool to help you quiet your mind. A simple way to start is by taking a few moments, several times a day, to intentionally, take some deep breaths. Try doing this for five minutes at a time.  When your mind starts to race, focus on your breathing. Be gentle with yourself as you practise. With dedication, this form of meditation will get more comfortable. The more you do it, the longer you will be able to do it for.

Get active.  What do you enjoy doing that will get you off your sofa?  When you exercise you release the dopamine hormone that helps your mind to relax.  It can be as simple as a brisk walk every day.

Find something meaningful to do in your life. If you have a good paying job that doesn’t feed your soul, find a volunteer activity that would raise your spirit. What are you passionate about?  If you hate your job be open to finding a new job that fits more with your values.

Start a gratitude journal.  You will probably be surprised to discover that you have much to be thankful about.  It is hard to be miserable when you are grateful.

Eat well.  Are you eating a healthy diet that provides you with all the nutrients you need?  Pay attention to your body, and it will let you know what you need. Someone else’s idea of a diet may not be what you need.

Spend time with a good friend.  Open up and let them know what is happening in your life. Listen to their story.  When you are there for others, it feels good because you are making a difference in their lives as they are for you.


Join an organization such as a service club, a church, a synagogue, mosque or temple or any group with some common values.  Coming together with others for a larger purpose uplifts your spirits. It gets you in touch with your higher purpose in life.

Befriend your body. Your body is full of wisdom if you would listen to it.  Yoga, tai chi, karate are all great ways to get in touch with our body. The sensations of your body are messages from your inner self-letting you know what you need to pay attention to.

Pay attention to your heart.  Whom are you being called to befriend?  Who do you want to share genuinely with?  What are you being moved to share with others? Are you ready to share the real you with others?

There are great tools available to help you in your healing process. There is no shame in asking for help. You are the only one who can know what you need. Often you will need to experiment with different forms of therapy, coaching and spiritual direction to find out what works best for you.

One tool I highly recommend is called the Enneagram.  It is a map to help you see where you get stuck in bad habits and what you need to work on to get healthier.


Like any good practice, this takes time. It takes a willingness of yourself to go deep within you to find your best self. It takes self-compassion to shine the light on the lies you make to yourself and others.  It takes courage to let go of all your excuses that prevent you from living your life.

Early on in life, you are given one of nine basic ways to function in the world. You would not survive childhood without your ego. The problems begin when we become an adult and don’t become aware of the limitations of your personality.


Your goal is to get as healthy as you can in all nine types. The Enneagram is not to put you in a box but to take you out of your box.

For more information on the Enneagram Click Here

You are given one chance to live your life on the earth. Your goal is to live it well.

It is no fun to feel lost and lonely. The good news is that it does not need to be this way. Are you ready to make the needed changes in your life?

I have given you a few essential tools to help you get started. I encourage you to seek whatever help you need to ground you in this new way of being.

If you choose to begin this new path in life, you will start to notice a change in yourself over time.

Be your own best friend and get the help and support you need to live your life well.

Roland Legge can help you to heal your body, mind and spirit.  For more information, please arrange for a free 30-minute discovery call by emailing Roland at  or book your appointment online


Reprinted by the permission of the author. Originally posted on REL Consultants Blog



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