What Are the Enneagram Tritypes and Why Are They Important?

Are you hungry for greater satisfaction, purpose, happiness, and ease in your life? The Enneagram can help you to enhance your life. Enneagram tritypes help you to see the similarities and differences between the nine types.  You will find the … Continue reading

Think about something that occurred in your life that at the time felt immensely difficult.

I highly recommend the work of Jeannette who offers support for those living with mental illness and wisdom for those of us who support people with it.

My Life with PTSD, Bipolar 2 and Anxiety.


There was a great question posed in the book Stronger Than BPD. The book read, “Think about something that occurred in your life that at the time felt immensely difficult and perhaps even insurmountable. Recall how your inner strength and resiliency allowed you to ride out the storms. Celebrate that the situation, no matter how difficult or upsetting had some Silver Lining that created meaning.”

I survived something tragic, but I’ve taken what I’ve learned about Mental health issues and I’m now helping others through Blogging, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Support Groups and also being a Listener on 7 cups. All in order to let people know they are not alone. I’m glade all this positive stuff came out of a horrible situation.

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