Depression: Suicide and Suicidal Thinking

Thank you, Jeannette, for talking about suicide. If someone talks about suicide they need help. We need to know what to do. Jeannette at her WordPress site offers great help for those of us who don’t face mental health issues and those who do. I encourage you to follow her site.

My Life with PTSD, Bipolar 2 and Anxiety.

Suicide must not be taken lightly. My depression right after I graduated in 2006 had been so low I admittedly thought about ending things. I’ve had to get on the right meds, learn different ways to cope and also, I had to be aware that I didn’t deserve to sit in that misery. Somehow I had myself believing I wasn’t smart enough. Oddly almost all my insecurities lead back to me not thinking I was smart enough. We must realize that our goal is to avoid getting close to suicidal thoughts. When I reach a certain point of my Depression. I start thinking about ways of coping, such as, I’ll distract myself with doing an activity that brings my mood up. You must make a list of activities that bring your mood levels up. It may be hard. But this helps avoid any suicidal thinking. It takes practice. Just like…

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