The A-Word! Anxiety: The Not-So-Silent Killer

So many of us face anxiety. Check out this excellent article on how to deal with anxiety.

On The Couch

Treating Anxiety Therapy in Harrisburg, PA at Parenting & Family Solutions

“What’re you so anxious about?!”

“Just think happy thoughts”


Just about everybody struggles with anxiety in some form or another.

This is going to be a multiple part series on anxiety in its different forms and coping skills for dealing with yours.

This post I’ll unpack the basics of what anxiety is and give a tip or two for dealing with it.

Mental Health and Psychology go through shifts and changes just like everything else. Every couple of years there seems to be a major shift in response to trends in diagnoses. ADHD was the big one for the 90s. Autism and Asperger’s (All now covered under Autism Spectrum Disorder) came on huge in the early 2000s. Childhood Bipolar saw a huge increase in diagnosis, so much so that they created a more accurate diagnosis in the DSM-5 to counteract it – Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD for short).

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