Finding The Perfect Therapist Part 2: What Happens When You Call

Here is a great article to help you decide what kind of counselor, psychiatrist or social worker you need.

On The Couch

How to find the perfect therapist. Mental health counseling in Harrisburg, PA www.parentfamilysolutions.comYou’re crazy! You need therapy!!

If you are like every other normal person out there, the check-engine light of life has probably been on for some time. You have been walking around dealing with stressor after stressor, hoping that it would just magically go away; but, of course, it hasn’t. By the time things have gotten bad enough that you recognize you need some counseling or therapy it’s usually pretty bad. When stress hits and the check-engine light in your life comes on, you should get help!

Congratulations! You’re normal, just like everybody else!

Getting to a place where you recognize you need to talk to someone can be humbling and anxiety-producing.  But it also takes a lot of courage to admit when you need help.  Don’t let the fear of making a phone call (sooooo many people have phone anxiety – phone phobia) or opening up about your struggle…

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