The Biased Opinion of a Victim

Thank you Kristina for speaking out against rape. We must stop this abuse! How can we teach our young men to respect women?

A Different State of Mind

I feel more and more distraught every time I see posts about the Brock Turner rape case and how people are dismissing it like it’s just everyday media. Sexual assault happens everywhere around the world and is hardly considered a crime.

Why? Because it’s usually “he said” vs “she said” and the worst part is, is that it doesn’t matter how many witnesses there are or how conscious the victim is, the case will be dismissed because no one wants to process the fact that being taken advantage of sexually is the most vulnerable and scarring experience that anyone can face.

This is the biased opinion of a victim of sexual assault.

I don’t care how true or untrue the story is. Picking apart whether or not something happened that you have no proof of is besides the point. He was found guilty so it doesn’t matter. What matters is…

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