You were strong and I was not…

Carissa's world

Dave: Pride has nothing to do with inner strength…two different notions.

Me: Proud people seem so strong…at least they’re perceived as being strong.

Dave: So tell me…staying in an abusive relationship just to keep your “public image” is it a sign of inner strength?

Me: Not at all…

Dave: I’m glad you agree on that…

“The drops of rain were cold and she hurried into the church. Months without seeing Daniele and the unsettling feeling that something is wrong…She knew she’s taking a risk and she knew she can’t handle another insult from him, but she was hoping…maybe here, in the church where he served as a ministrant, maybe here he will be her friend one more time. For the last time.


He seemed absorbed in his prayers. The long white outfit made him look like an angel but the look in his eyes when he faced her had…

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